Cute Bugs: A Story of Sustainability

Holistic Education For Children

The Wild Patch Garden

The planet earth was suffering from severe damage due to some greedy humans that were damaging the natural resources by spraying the fields with dangerous chemicals, killing animals and plants alike.

Sweetie Needs a New Home

Waking up one morning, looking forward to another productive day in the hive, Sweetie has no idea her world is about to be turned on its head.

Suddenly, she finds herself flying for her life, her home destroyed by cruel humans.

Deforestation, Urbanization, Global warming, these are a few of the issues displacing many of the world’s animals and insects. Sweetie the honey bee is no stranger to this.

Sweetie’s quest takes her far, far away, she wants to find a new home where she can live in peace and free from the cruelty and destruction that’s blanketing the world. But will she find that place, or will she be forever roaming the planet?

Come, join Sweetie in this heartwarming adventure and discover the wonders that come with a good friend and a heart full of hope.

Beam’s Dream

Twilight, the time where night meets day, is one of the most magical summer times. It is a time for fireflies to display their best light shows, frogs sing their best songs, and crickets harmonize with their best melodies, turning evenings into a magical time.

But what happens when bug repellant sprays come out and frighten humans react to the presence of bugs in their environment? Chaos, fear, tragedy. This is how young Beam, a little firefly found himself running for his life and begin his endless search for a place where bugs like him could live without fear of extermination.

Could the wild garden be that place? Will Beam finally feel at home enough to dance through the gardens at twilight again, or will his dream remain a dream forever?

The Wild Butterfly

Being different is never a bad thing. Violet, the little purple butterfly with enormous wings and the most beautiful singing voice, knows this very well. Born in the wildflower patch, she’d never seen any other place as beautiful, but when other butterflies tell her of other far grander gardens, Violet’s thirst for exploring grows.

But what will happen when she is made aware of how different she is? Will Violet hide away from the other butterflies, or will she step up and lead them to safety when human children start catching them?

Join Violet in her journey to self-acceptance and discovery. Will she ever find out where her true home is?

Jet’s New Beginning

Having a place to call home, sweet home is one of the most wonderful feelings in the world. Living in a neighborhood where everyone knows each other, and you are free to play and explore is pretty awesome too. Jet, the dragonfly, knows that feeling very well. But when pest control visited his peaceful neighborhood, the world as he knew it ended. Caring for his injured mother, who pesticides had harmed, Jet imagines living in a place filled with peace and away from harm. But is that place even real?

Will Jet ever find his home sweet home? Can he overcome his fears and become part of a loving, caring community once again, or will he be destined to roam the world forever, flying from place to place and forced to run for his life in the blink of an eye?

Alfred, the Oddest Bug

We should never judge a book by its cover. The friendly bugs of the wild patch are about to learn just that when they discover an odd, pale creature with large glasses living under the big tree. What could it be? Is it even a bug? Does it mean harm? Little do they know, this very odd, timid bug would be a fountain of knowledge and a treasure to the wild patch. But, what will it take for the bugs to find that out? Will they welcome the odd bug into the garden? Will they give it a chance to show that it is more than a nerdy-looking oddity, or will the bugs ostracize him for being so different?

Find out in this beautiful tale packed with friendship, book smarts, and lots of good laughs!

Daisy the teacher

Many believe magic to be dead, forgotten in the pages of old books. But, do you know magic is all around us? Do you know magic is in everything we see, in everything we do, in everything we touch? Daisy, a young, eccentric woman, learned that lesson the day she discovered the wild patch, a scraggly little garden in the woods that at first glance looked like a withered, forgotten shrubbery.

Determined to make the wild patch into a magical fairy garden where all bugs could live in harmony and prosper, Daisy, sets off on her journey. But She’s a human, the one species the bugs of the wild patch fear most. Will they welcome her and her vision for the wild patch with open wings, or will they run away from the wild patch?

Find out in this story of second chances, magic, and overcoming prejudice and fears. Perhaps you too can see a piece of the magic that still lives in our beautiful planet Earth.